Wonder Awaits!
by Caroline Hamilton-Arnold

Open the eyes of children in your life to the wonders of God's world! Through engaging photographs of diverse children and declatative statements to help caregivers start conversations, Wonder Awaits! shows kids how to see the wonders themselves.

Children are always listening, seeing, thoching, smelling, tasting ... and thinking. Wonder Awaits! encourages children of all ages to use those senses and everyday activities to see the miracles of creation. Kids are encouraged to get close, get dirty, look carefully, look up, make are, make friends, be brave, be curious, be present and be amazed - all activites we adults should do too! Ages 2-6
Wonder Awaits! - Chalice Press - $17.99 - Hardback with dust cover - 10" x 10" - 32 Pages
ISBN 978-0-82724-339-2
Release Date: February 22, 2022
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