Ten Steps Towards Christ
Journey To The Heart Of God
by Jimmy Evans
What does it mean to be a Christian? It is much more than following a list of rules and regulations or sticking to dos and don ts: it s about growing in your relationship with You are leaving a legacy through your children is your legacy intentional? Are your parenting philosophies based on God's pattern? Are you ready to assume your role to train your children and grandchildren for life? A father's influence in forming character in children cannot by overestimated. Whether you had a positive father role model or were hurt by the absence or distraction of a father, this book is for you! The Apostle Paul encourages believers to live as "new creations". Unfortunately, many Christians never learn how to shed their old identities as sinners. In this timely and practical new book, Pastor Jimmy Evans shares ten transforming steps to overcome the old habits, mindsets, and trials every believer faces in order to rely on God. From the opening chapter, readers will be challenged to examine each piece of their lives in order to begin living as a new creation and follower of Christ.
Gateway Press - $12.99 - Paper - 6" x 9" - 224 Pages
ISBN 978-1-945529-25-2
Released February 2018
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