Good Night Monster - Gift Set
A Storybook and Plush for Sweet Dreams and Happy Bedtimes
by Ruth Austin
This adorable gift set holds the ingredients for creating joyful bedtime routines with a child. Inside you'll find a cuddly Good Night Monster plush - ready to give a sense of security and to ease nighttime anxieties - plus a fun-filled storybook with tales of Monster's after dark adventures.

Bedtime can stir up all kinds of emotions and experiences for a child - fear, wakefulness, anxiety about the dark. This Good Night Monster plush is a child's very own nighttime guardian, a friend for building confidence at bedtime.

Read about Monster's evening adventures in the set's playful storybook. When it's time for bed, tuck Monster in with a child for added comfort. Whenever they'er worried, scared, or simply want to cuddle, Monster will be there to comfort them throughout the night.
Goodnight Monster Gift Set - Compendium - $36.95 - Hardcover - 7.13" x 10.75"
ISBN 978-1-970147-05-6
Release Date: June, 2020
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