I Will Always Love You
A Journey From Grief and Loss To Hope and Love
by Melissa Lyons
A simple, thought provoking and deeply moving story that takes minutes to read and lasts a lifetime in your heart. This book brings peace and comfort to anyone who has experienced loss. Focused on hope and love, it is a timeless classic in the making. Written from the perspective of a loved one who has moved on, readers are taken on a transformational journey that encourages them to embrace fresh perspectives, trust their intuitions and to follow their dreams.

Melissa Lyons is an award-winning author, speaker and a seasoned entrepreneur. She is passionate about helping people embrace fresh perspectives when faced with loss, tragedy and daily live derailments. Her heartwarming debut book, I Will Always Love You, has helped thousands of people move forward with their lives. Melissa speaks about and teaches "The Power of Pressing Pause" through which she helps people re-connect to their life purpose and to live their life with more meaning and more joy.
Choose To Choose - $17.95 - Hardcover with Dust Jacket - 8.75" x 10.38" - 32 Pages
ISBN 978-0-945949-10-2
Release Date: June 1, 2019
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