Glad & Golden Hours
A Companion for Advent & Christmastide
by Lanier Ivester with illustrations by Jennifer Trafton
This companion for Advent and Christmastide is a guide to celebrating the season through a narrative of renewal and its attendant cavalcade of recipes and craft ideas, all exquisitely written by Lanier Ivester and lavishly illustrated by Jennifer Trafton.

Tangible acts of feasting and celebrating have suffused Lanier Ivester's home all her life. But in the past decade, she's wrestled with profound losses that have reshaped the ways in which she approaches her calling to the place and the people around her. Coexisting forces of great grief and great joy come together in this extraordinary book, which not only reminds us of the inescapable presence of sorrow, but shows us how to celebrate and anticipate the return of glad and golden hours right here, right now. This is a book that far surpasses the trappings of a mere cookbook or a collection of craft projects. It's an embodiment of a rich theology of creation, of what it means to be human when everything is both falling apart and coming back together. It's a companion that leads us through the seasons of Advent and Christmastide and into a better understanding of the Kingship of Christ and our invitation into the richness of the Feast to come.
Glad & Golden Hours - Rabbit Room Press - $35.00 - Hardcover - 9" x 7.5"
ISBN 9781951872236
Release Date: September 9, 2024
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