Steve The Dung Beetle:
On A Roll
by Susan R. Stoltz with illustrations by Melissa Bailey
Steve The Dung Beetle: On A Roll gives kids a first glimpse at ecosystems and conservation. We hear a lot in the media today about ecology, environment, and wildlife. However, with all the concern and drama over conservation and collapsing ecosystems, few people actually know what it means, and nobody has a viable or practical suggestion on how to fix it.

While Steve can’t fix everything he works really hard to manage what he can. His small steps help make the biggest difference to all the animals on the savannah. In the back of the book, zookeepers write about dung beetles and some of Steve’s other animal friends so learning can continue at a level the entire family will enjoy. Steve The Dung Beetle: On A Roll is a fun and engaging story with captivating artwork. It promotes active involvement on each page and instills critical thinking and an appreciation for nature and wildlife
Steve The Dung Beetle: On A Roll - Lyric and Stone - $17.99 - Hardcover - 8" x 10" - 40 Pages
ISBN 9780578935508
Release Date: March, 2022
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