The Acorn and The Oak
by Rhondo Accardo with illustrations by Jessica Waterstradt
"The smaller trees grow in and around the older tree, molded and shaped forever by The Great Oak and by the other oak that once stood here. A big and strong tree like The Great Oak will effect all growth around it for many years after it is gone."

When we lose something that we love, it forever shapes us and remains a part of our lives. The Acorn & the Oak is the story of a young girl, her mother, and their love of an old oak tree. This timeless adventure takes young and old alike on a journey into the forest and shares with them all its beauty. This tale teaches important lessons about love, strength, and endurance through life’s trials.

Mother and daughter, Rhonda Accardo and Jessica Waterstradt, come together for the first time as author and illustrator to create this timeless story of an old oak tree. Jessica received an illustration degree from Grand Valley University, and Rhonda works as a nurse. With beautiful watercolor illustrations, Jessica brings her mother’s words to life with intricate detail.
The Acorn and the Oak - Painted Thistle Press - $18.99 - Hardcover/Jacketed - 12.25" x 9.125"
48 Pages - ISBN 9781571026507
Release Date: January 1, 2024
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